Junior Jays Kids Care

Truly a Safe, Fun & Engaging Environment

Junior Jays Kids Care is proud to work closely with Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools to provide a unique before and after-school program, meeting the needs of kindergarten through fifth-grade children. Junior Jays Kids Care is designed to provide supervision in a safe, structured, fun, educational, and age-appropriate atmosphere.

Each site meets Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services standards for Child Care School Aged Centers and meets inspection requirements from the Fire Marshall and County Health Department. 

Welcome to Junior Jays Kids Care!

Local Connection to Their Peers

By being a Junior Jay, your child will have the opportunity to connect with their peers and expand their horizons. Our experienced team offer a wide range of activities to help Junior Jays learn and grow while having fun! From art projects and technology programs, to sports and games – Junior Jays Kids Care has something for everyone. With us, you can rest assured that your Junior Jay is getting the best education and social experiences too.

Our Leadership

Michelle Decker

Program Director

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