About Us

Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools Foundation is dedicated to providing our school system with the necessary resources to ensure students receive an outstanding education.

The Ashland-Greenwood Public Schools Foundation was founded in April of 1986. Our mission has been to help the Ashland-Greenwood Public School district empower our diverse student population by helping provide the necessary resources for each student to become accomplished learners.
We are also passionate about developing life-long partnerships with the residents of Ashland and Greenwood, local businesses, and patrons from all over in order to provide our school district with the financial support it needs to be at the forefront of today’s education. We believe that by working together we can help our school district ensure that all students and graduates are resilient and prepared for an ever-changing world.

Past Efforts

AGPSF has given almost $750,000 in scholarships along with almost $350,000 in teacher grants since the foundation was started.   Also, nearly $1.5 million dollars has been provided as a whole to back to the school in the form of Scholarships, teacher grants, and special projects. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to our ongoing efforts in 2023!

AGPS Foundation Members

Pat Timblin


Deena Curtis

Vice President

Melissa Kasuske


Mike King


Karen Stille

Mary Ziegenbein

Rob Bundy

Liz Flynn

Claudia Cerny

Donnie Laughlin

Diane Starns

Amy Clark

Zach Wellman

Brittany Behrens

Executive Personnel

Tom Walsh

Jason Libal